Aberdeen Country Park

If you live on Hong Kong Island this is a great half day activity for the kids. The walk is reasonably flat with plenty of shade for the hot days, but more than that there are lots of things to do. Start off on the Kids adventure path with lots of signs to point out what is going on in the jungle. This is Wild Boar country and luckily they are all pretty tame in this park. If you are lucky you will see a whole family going about their daily business.

On the way up the road there are lots of exercise stations that can easily be adapted into monkey bars and other games for the kids. Our young reporters particularly enjoyed the balance course. Look out for carp below as you cross the dam and then you are into a wide space for a picnic and games. Bring a ball or a kite if you want to extend the play time.

The second part of the walk is mainly downhill through the forest with lots of trees to climb. If you feel adventurous, as we did you can climb down the side of the dam, and then see the inner workings before the final stream hike down to Aberdeen. There is a waterfall and plunge pool at the end if you feel hot and need to cool down before finishing the activity.


Start in Aberdeen where we suggest picking up some supplies, before walking up the steep Aberdeen Reservoir Road t the entrance of the park.

Go through the gate and take the left fork that takes you up the Aberdeen Fitness Trail until you get to the junction where you turn right.

Walk over the Dam where you will find a park, a perfect place for a picnic with space for the kids to run around.

From there head along the reservoir bank and then turn right several times taking you in a loop that eventually finishes at the lower dam.

Cross the Dam and look for a path down to the left that will take you to the bottom. Obviously avoid this in heavy rain where the river becomes more intense.

Get home: Once on the river, you can follow it down right into Aberdeen. There is a path on the right side if you feel the river is too difficult to negotiate.