Ap Lei Pai

A classic coasteering route, with magnificent views, lots of adventure and a chance for a cool dip. This is the shortest hike on our list but by no means the least dramatic.

The half day activity includes a steep climb, plenty of rock scrambling, ropes, and an adventure course to finish it off.

This is probably the walk on the list for children if they are up for a little adventure and probably the best hike for the summer as there are plenty of opportunities to cool down in the water.

But note that it does involve some simple rock climbing and a good head for heights so for the inexperienced we recommend doing it with a professional guide.


  1. For this adventure start at the Lei Tung MTR. Take the elevator up from Exit B, cross the bus station and start your way up the back of Mount Johnston (look for a small path behind one of the bus cubicles). There are three sets of steps, take the one on the furthest left. It’s a short sharp start to the day.
  2. From the top of mount Johnson turn left and look for the steep path down to Ap Lei Pai. There are ropes to help you descend so you might want to bring gloves to prevent rope burn.
  3. Cross the causeway at the bottom from Ap Lei Chau to Ap Lei Pai and follow the path up and across the island till it comes out at the lighthouse on the southern tip.
  4. Follow the coast round to the right from the lighthouse where you will cross a natural rock pool for swimming. Then it’s a coasteer back to the causeway. If it feels too difficult you can always return by going back up to the path.
  5. From the causeway follow the coast around to the left for a relatively easy coasteer back to Horizon Plaza.