Central to Shek O

A classic Hong Kong road ride from Central to Shek O, flowing up and out of the city’s heartland along coastal roads that hug the island’s steep mountainsides.
This 56-kilometer route takes in some of the best coastal views as you wend your way over to the southeastern tip of the city. This route involves a fair amount of climbing along mostly gently drawn-out gradients.

You’ll navigate some of the region’s famously-narrow coastal roads before darting into Redhill for a cheeky 2-kilometer detour and on to the picturesque calm of Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir and its one-way traffic system. Ahead of our destination, Cape D’Aguilar awaits as you go 6 kilometers off-route to reach its tip and take in stunning sea views.

The road into Shek O is smooth and draws you along at a nice pace. To your right, high-up views of our route can be seen trailing behind in the distance. In Shek O Village, you’ll find the open-air cafés a welcome sight. The beaches are meters away, and the views out to sea are exceptional.


  1. From the Central ferry pier area, follow signs to Connaught Road Central.
  2. After getting onto Queensway Road, turn off right onto Queen’s Road East towards Wan Chai.
  3. Join Stubbs Road to begin the long climb up out over Happy Valley.
  4. Continuing up Wong Nai Chung Gap Road, the city falls behind; its densely-packed skyline seemingly disappears among the trees.
  5. At Repulse Bay Road, the narrow undulating coastal road begins. Buses and cars travel along this stretch of road, so be mindful of passing vehicles.
  6. After 3.7 kilometers, you drop into Repulse Bay, climbing out again to merge with Stanley Gap Road.
  7. After 1.6 kilometers, veer right onto Tai Tam Road.
  8. Reaching Redhill Plaza, dart into Pak Pat Shan Road for a swift circular tour around this colorful residential outpost.
  9. Exit back onto Tai Tam Road towards Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir. The narrow dam crossing allows traffic to flow in only one direction at a time, so expect a traffic light wait if you miss your turn.
  10. On the other side, climb for 1.7 kilometers until you reach Shek O Road, where you’ll turn right to continue along much easier gradients.
  11. Next, a 6-kilometer detour down Cape D’Aguilar Road, where you escape the traffic en route to the headland. You’ll find some exceptional coastal views that make this a worthy detour.
  12. Retrace the route back up Shek O Road, turning right along the final stretch of road and onto our destination, Shek O Village.
  13. From Shek O, you can retrace the route with a left turn before Deep Water Bay to finish in Aberdeen. An alternative would be to turn right on Tai Tam road and finish in Shau Kei Wan.