Cheung Chau

Getting on a ferry to an island is always a popular way to start the day with the kids and for this walk things get better. For this one you can start building the pirate adventure early and have them thinking they are off to a distant island for a treasure hunt. Unlike many other versions of the game this one won’t disappoint.

The first part of the hike takes you through the built up part of the island with lots of local snacks to try along the way. Once you reach Pak Two Wan there is a chance to swim in the more isolated beach with crystal clear waters. From there the treasure hunt starts in Ernest as you make your way over the rocks, with some simple climbing along the way and onto the cave.

Bring a torch as it’s dark down there, the cave is fantastic. Possibly a little tight for comfort if you are claustrophobic but the kids will love it, even if they find all the treasure has gone. Finish the activity with a small boat back to the ferry pier where they can enjoy any snacks that are left. We love the mango Cheung Chau mochi.


Get to the start: Starting off the ferry turn right on the promenade and proceed along the main road.

Turn left up towards the Church and then left again along the Cheung Chau family walk.

At the junction of Peak Road West turn left again and follow that over the hill past the cemetery and down to Pak Two Wan.

From there take the path to your right that follows the coast over to Reclining Rock after which there is some simple coasteering over to Po Yue Wan and the pirates’ cave.

Get home: Out of the cave follow the path back to the Sai Wan Pier where you can pick up a San Pan back to the main ferry pier.