Clear Water Bay

Expect a strong urge to make longer stops along this picturesque hiking route to breathe in the coastal views, to feel the breeze against your skin, and to savor every moment because you don’t know how soon you will be willing again to take on this moderately challenging trail.

Cheat sheet: You can get to the summit in about 15 minutes from the nearest bus stop to where you walk directly to Braemer Hill. But where’s the fun in that? Earn it properly by starting this fun and challenging walk from where you get a good glance at Park View at Tai Tam Reservoir Road and go up to Jardine’s Lookout. Okay, it’s a steep climb at the start, but it’s paved. Jardine’s Lookout rewards you with a spectacular view of the city — a 180-degree panorama with the skylines of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon with Victoria Harbour in between.

Past the second shorter steep climb by the quarry is a walk you will remember. On a stunning ridge you look around you and the sweeping view might just make you want to hold on to something more stable than a walking stick.


Get to the start:

  1. There is no bus to Clear Water Bay Country Park, but you can find buses from Tseung Kwan O to within a 20-minute walk of the start by alighting at Tsiu Wo Village. A taxi will get you to the start.
  2. Take time to explore the park first before finding the sign to the Lung Ha Wan Country Trail.
  3. After just 50 m, turn right and set off along a technical trail that will contour around the coast.
  4. At a disused World War II coastal defense station, take the right trail which gets increasingly bushy as you follow the coast.
  5. There are several trails along the route to your left that go up and several trails to your right that take you down to the coast, but keep going straight all the way until you reach the Riding School.
  6. At the school, make a U-turn to your left and join the Lung Ha Wan Country Trail up and over two peaks and then descend back down to the point where you started. Again there are a number of turns to the left and right along the trail but keep straight.
  7. From the park entrance, the only way out is to call a taxi or walk 20 minutes back along Clear Water Bay Road to the bus terminal at Tsiu Wo Village.