Coast to Coast

In this ride, we take on one of the longer road routes in the series with a 55-kilometer adventure navigating sections of the New Territories Cycle Track Network (and other roads) for a full day’s adventure from the east coast to the west coast.
Beginning in Tai Po, you roll through a mixture of urban, suburban, and rural spots that eventually brush the edge of the wetlands before finishing up in Tsuen Mun.

A mostly straightforward route to follow with a few sections that require a deviation or two where some busy intersections break up the natural flow of the cycle track network.

The cycle track route sometimes takes you up and over bridges, in a lift or two, and occasionally veers away from main roads, but the system works well.

From the ground, it’s probably the least picturesque of all the routes, but the variety of terrain and challenges ahead makes this coast-to-coast ride rewarding to complete.


  1. Starting at Tai Po Pier, get onto the cycle track heading along the Tai Po Waterfront Park, then join Yuen Shin Road. Take Ting Kok Road, Tai Po Road, and Tai Po Tau Shui Wai Road, then back to Tai Po Road, following the track for 6 kilometers.
  2. Reaching Fanling, turn right onto Jockey Club Road. At a roundabout, the track detours off but returns to Jockey Road, taking you on to Sheung Shui.
  3. Follow Po Shek Wu Road and Choi Yuen Road at Sheung Shui before crossing the Sheung Yue River. On the other side, take a left turn along the river.
  4. A kilometer and a half later, join Castle Peak Road to navigate various highway underpasses. At times, the road appears to take a different direction but stay on the cycle track.
  5. After 6.5 kilometers, turn left onto Yau Pok Road along a 1.2-kilometer stretch of water. Take the first bridge and cross the river along Kam Pok Road until you reach the Kam Tin River, where the road bends left.
  6. Castle Peak Road leads you to Yuen Long. Take a right onto Long Yip Street and follow the map through a short urban maze.
  7. Emerging at Long Ping Street, continue on Long Ting Road, then cross onto Tin Shing Road. Follow the railway line to Tin Wah Road. You take a detour around Wetland Park Road before looping back to turn right onto Tin Shun Path, where you follow the river for 1.2 kilometers.
  8. Continue across the river, veering left at Sha Chau Lei Road. At Yik Yuen Street, turn right, then left onto Castle Peak Road.
  9. For the next 7.5 kilometers, follow the railway line to Tuen Mun and onto the ferry pier area.