Devil’s Peak

This one is for the more adventurous as it involves a little scrambling at the start and has a steep climb. Start by winding through the ancient alleyways of Lei Yue Mun. It’s a bit of a maze, but don’t worry if you get lost you will always come out at the lighthouse. The experience will give you a very different view of the city and a reminder of how things used to be.

At the quarry there are old ruins to climb around before making your way up one of the scrambles to the first of the fortress’. Take extra care here and if it feels too difficult then turn back to take the steps instead. Once up to the start of the battlements you are on a living historical tour of defenses that go back centuries. The highlight comes at Devil’s Peak itself where there are lots of castle like trenches and alleyways to explore not to mention the amazing views down Victoria Harbour.

Finish the activity with a meal in Lei Yue Mun, famous for it’s sea food, there are lots of choices the kids will love after the exertion of making it up to the castle on the hill.


Get to the start: begin at the Lei Yue Mun Sports Centre, a short walk from Yau Tong MTR.

Start by walking through the narrow lanes of Lei Yue Mun following signs to the lighthouse.

Once you reach the lighthouse follow the coast round to your left along the front, past the Tin Hat Temple (which you go through) and onto the old Lei Yue Mun Quarry.

The next part is a little difficult as you make your way up a steep incline to the series of Batteries just above. Once you reach the first battery the path gets a lot easier you slowly work your way up to Devil’s Peak.

Get home: Pass though the Gough Battery on up to the main battery at Devil’s Peak. Then come back the way you came this time turning right after the road to take the steps back into Lei Yue Mun.