Double Haven

In the third episode of our Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark series, Jack and DJ embark on a one-day adventure to explore Double Haven Bay – a stunning natural harbor consisting of seven islands.

After a bad start, they make their way to Crooked Island. Facing two dead ends, they embark on a hike along the island’s spine, where they experience its unique geological features.

Next, they head to Lai Chi Wo, an enchanting Hakka village that has been carefully preserved for over 300 years. The village provides a rare glimpse into the traditional architectural and rural lifestyle of that period, enabling us to experience a bygone era of history. After a second major logistical error they both end up hiking out as night falls.


Get to the start: From Tai Po Market bus station, take the 20R minibus to and from Wu Kau Tung Tsuen