Philippines – Batanes

Between Taiwan and the north of Luzon Island are the islands of Batanes. You don’t much more remote than this in the Philippines or as naturally beautiful.

Batan Island

In the first of a new series on the islands of Batanes, DJ travels to Batan Island to take on a 500-meter tall volcano before getting lost looking for a lighthouse. Don Lejano from, our Asia News Network partners, joins him for the adventure.

Sabtang Island

In the second of the Batanes Islands series, DJ and Don put on their life jackets and sail over to Sabtang island. During their short trip they manage a short hike, a look around a stone village and a lunch at the iconic arch at Morong beach.

Mount Iraya and Basco

In the third episode of the Batanes Islands series, DJ and Don split-up to explore. DJ heads 1,000 meters up to the summit of Most Iraya on a five-hour trek, while Don takes on the more arduous task of seeing what fine dining Basco has to offer.

Itbayat Island

In the fourth episode of the Batanes Islands series, DJ and Don board a boat and head off across rough seas to Itbayat. There they discover a relatively untouched island with stunning rock formations and cliffs.

Batan Marine Park

In the final episode of the Batanes Islands series, DJ and Don stop looking at the electric blue waters and dive in instead, to explore what’s below the surface. They start with a snorkel around the Marine Park before DJ gets scubaed up and takes a deep dive.

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