Chinese Mainland

Sometimes the best adventures are right on your doorstep. With fast trains into the Chinese mainland from Hong Kong it only takes a few minutes to cross the border from where there is so many wild places to explore. 

Destinations: 7

Activities: 35

East Asia

There is no shortage of mountains in east Asia, plus a few islands. Many people come to Asia for the sun and sand but go north east and there are many more adventures to be found.

Destinations: 3

Activities: 15

South Asia

We explore from the sea to the mountain top with a very long bike ride in between. 

Destinations: 3

Activities: 15

West Asia

Go west for something a little different. We went all the way to Georgia, just keeping within the boubaries of the continent. Also check out four colorful episodes from the ex Portuguese colony of Goa in India. Most people see it as a beach holiday but we had other ideas.

Destinations: 3

Activities: 14

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