Goa India

Goa is best known for its beaches but dig a little deeper and you will find a host of adventure activities available in the area.

The Chorao Wetlands

Swimming with jelly fish has never been a good idea. In the first episode from a new series in Goa, India, DJ goes kayaking through the mangrove forests on the Mandovi River with local Goan Shubham from the Hindustan Times.

Arambol Ocean Trek

This week DJ and Shubham continue their Goa adventure with a hike over a grassy plateau to  Arambol Beach. There’s also a cliff walk and some more local food packed in.

A Swim and a Bike

This week, DJ takes on an early morning open-water swim out to a remote beach, while Shubham follows behind in a kayak. In the afternoon, they both set off on bikes around Goa’s many river islands.

Butterfly Beach

In this final episode from Goa, DJ and Shubham go climbing in the far south of Goa, India and then go looking for a secluded beach off the beaten track.

*Disclaimer: Drone and Phone activities are undertaken after completing a risk assessment and where necessary under the supervision of professional guides. This video is not to be considered as a guide. All outdoor activities are carried out at your own risk and we take no responsibility nor assume liability for your safety. We recommend using a professional guide for all outdoor activities that involve risk, or are beyond your current level of expertise.

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