High Junk Trail Guide

High Junk Peak

Many rate the Dragon’s Back the best in this class for Hong Kong but we believe this hike outdoes it both for the views and the general interest along the way. 

The walk starts at a fishing village and the region’s largest, Tin Hau Temple. Then it follows a ridge with outstanding views over Clearwater Bay on one side and overlooks Victoria Harbour on the other. You can always finish at Clearwater Bay if you fancy a dip at the end of the hike. 

At seven kilometers, it makes a good half-day walk which you can easily expand with a trip to the beach or check the fortifications on top of Devil’s Peak.



  1. Take bus route 91 or minibus route 16/103/103M and get of at Ng Fai Tin. After you drop off, make your way down to Tin Hau Temple passing the rock inscription at Joss House Bay.
  2. From there, return to the starting point and look for the path on your left to Ha Shan Tuk. It’s a steep climb up to the first peak. Once you’re on the top of the peak, be sure to turn around and take in the view behind you before heading off along the ridge.
  3. After passing Ha Shan Tuk, the view over Clearwater Bay opens up on your right and on your left is a long view down Victoria Harbour. This is definitely a hike for a clear day if you want to enjoy the spectacle it offers.
  4. As you follow the ridge, there is an option to go around High Junk Peak but we recommend heading up there for the best view of the hike.
  5. As you come down from High Junk Peak, there are a few smaller hills to climb before you descend through the forest and out onto  Clearwater Bay Road, from where you can take minibus route 16 and back to Po Lam MTR station.