To escape the summer heat we love to loose our hiking shoes and pick up a paddle. There are many places you can rent kayaks in Hong Kong and enjoy a day of exploration on the water. Here is our top five pick.

Activities: 6


Hong Kong is a perfect place for coasteering. Park hiking, part climbing and part swimming, with coasteering we make our way along the region’s numerous shorelines, taking the opportunity to cool down in the sea whenever we get a chance.

Activities: 8


Hong Kong might be small in size but there is no shortage of great climbs all within a short distance of the city. Here we pick our five favorite locations.

Activities: 5


Stream Hiking

Hiking in the summer can be very tough in Hong Kong, but you can quickly cool down by taking a route that includes one of the many streams in the region.

Activities: 5

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving in Hong Kong is a hit and miss affair when it comes to visibility but get a good day and you won’t be disappointed. Here we dive in five different locations discovering a wealth of sea life below the surface.

Activities: 6


With inflatable kayaks getting much cheaper and lighter to carry it is now possible to explore places that were impossible to reach before. In this series we recommend different routes we have tried in Hong Kong.

Activities: 7

Board Water Sports

We love to get on the water in the Hong Kong summer. Here you escape the heat and the mosquitoes. Sometimes we swim, sometimes we go in a boat and sometimes we take a board. Here we look at five different types of boards.

Activities: 8

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