This exhilarating water sport has gained popularity amongst those seeking off-the-beaten-path experiences, as it allows them to navigate the city’s diverse waterways that encompass picturesque coastal lines, serene harbors, and hidden creeks. Packrafts, small inflatable boats that are light and durable, are designed to be compact enough for one to carry along on a hike, and then deploy in bodies of water, giving access to unexplored or less accessible areas. The combination of trekking through Hong Kong’s lush hiking trails and rafting in its sparkling waters makes packrafting an unforgettable adventure.

Hong Kong’s geographically rich terrain offers a wide array of locations perfect for packrafting. From the tranquil waters of Sai Kung, known for its scattering of scenic islands and marine parks, to the calm waters of Hoi Ha, there are challenges and enjoyment for both beginners and experienced packrafters. And it’s not just the wilderness that calls; packrafters often paddle through the very heart of the city, offering them a unique perspective of the bustling metropolis from the tranquility of their craft. The sight of the spectacular skyline bathed in the glow of the setting sun, while you gently float on the city’s waterways, is an experience that fuses the thrill of adventure with the enchanting beauty of Hong Kong.


As you navigate the cerulean waters around the island in your packraft, you are greeted by its verdant hills, rugged cliffs, and tranquil bays. The sandy beaches of Hung Shing Yeh and Lo So Shing provide perfect stopover points to rest and rejuvenate. The Lamma Island paddle journey is a beautiful blend of natural serenity, cultural exploration, and mild physical adventure, culminating in a uniquely Hong Kong experience.

Sai Kung Islands

Paddling around Sai Kung’s islands is a remarkable journey through one of the most pristine and beautiful maritime areas in Hong Kong. Each island has its unique allure, from the stunning hexagonal rock columns of High Island to the vibrant coral communities around Sharp Island. Paddling through Sai Kung’s islands offers a striking blend of tranquility, natural beauty, and ecological exploration, making it a must-try adventure for any packrafter visiting Hong Kong.

Tai O

Paddling around Tai O, often hailed as the “Venice of Hong Kong,” offers a unique blend of cultural immersion and natural beauty. As you navigate the waterways in your packraft, you’ll be captivated by the charm of this centuries-old fishing village with its stilt houses, called pang uks, built over the tidal flats. The labyrinth of water channels winds through the village, offering a glimpse into the traditional life of the Tanka people. Beyond the village, the surrounding waters open up to the serene Lantau Island shoreline. Paddling here also offers a chance to spot the endangered pink dolphins, making for a memorable encounter with nature. Combining the allure of tradition, the tranquility of nature, and the thrill of spotting wildlife, paddling around Tai O presents a truly unique experience in Hong Kong.

Plover Cove

This paddle starts in Pak Tam Chung in Sai Kung with a river trip before spilling out into the main Sai Kung bay. We take the pack raft on a trip around Yim Tin Tsai before making our way past Sharp island and back to Sai Kung Pier.

Hoi Ha

Starting at the Wong Shek Pier we blow up the packrat and head north towards the Wan Tsai extension of the Sai Kung West Country Park. To save a long paddle round the peninsula and because we have a pack raft, we pack it up and walk over a small hill to get to the Hoi Ha Marine Park. Here we enjoy some amazing marine life in Hong Kong’s premiere snorkeling location.

*Disclaimer: Drone and Phone activities are undertaken after completing a risk assessment and where necessary under the supervision of professional guides. This video is not to be considered as a guide. All outdoor activities are carried out at your own risk and we take no responsibility nor assume liability for your safety. We recommend using a professional guide for all outdoor activities that involve risk, or are beyond your current level of expertise.

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