Beyond the neon lights and urban jungle, Hong Kong’s landscape is veined with streams that cut through lush mountains and valleys. This provides the perfect backdrop for a popular outdoor activity known as stream hiking, where adventurers walk, climb, and sometimes swim along these freshwater trails, allowing a unique blend of hiking and water fun in one journey.

Stream hiking in Hong Kong is not just an exercise; it’s an intimate encounter with the region’s less-explored wilderness. For city dwellers and tourists alike, these stream trails are the gateways to secret waterfalls, deep rock pools, and serene spots that are often concealed from conventional trekking routes. This physically challenging activity is also a soothing therapy, as hikers find themselves surrounded by the echoing sounds of water and chirping birds, away from the city’s noise. It’s like discovering a whole new side of Hong Kong, a side that whispers tales of its ancient geology, rich biodiversity, and tranquil solitude.

Shek Mun Kap

Shek Mun Kap Stream, located on the northeastern side of Hong Kong’s Lantau Island, offers a truly immersive experience for stream hikers. This secluded stream trail beckons adventurers with its dramatic landscape, shaped by crystal-clear water tumbling down multiple cascades and creating spectacular natural waterfalls. The undulating path along the Shek Mun Kap Stream is a hiker’s delight, weaving through dense forests and leading to serene rock pools.

Sheung Luk Stream

Venture off the beaten path in Hong Kong’s Sai Kung East Country Park, and you’ll find yourself at the beginning of the Sheung Luk Stream, one of the region’s most enticing stream hiking trails. The trek along this stream is a spectacular journey filled with diverse natural attractions, from a series of enchanting waterfalls, often referred to as the “Four Pools,” to deep, emerald-colored rock pools that invite hikers for a refreshing dip. Engaging in a balance of vigorous hiking and water-filled fun, this demanding yet rewarding hike offers an unparalleled opportunity to connect with Hong Kong’s natural beauty.

Aberdeen Stream

As one of the city’s best-kept secrets, Aberdeen Stream Hiking trail offers a refreshing escape, winding through serene waterfalls, dense tropical greenery, and stunning granite formations. The hike is both physically challenging and visually rewarding, with the stream crossings and water pools adding an adventurous edge to your hike.

Hong Kong Island

Tackling the slippery rocks, edging along narrow trails, and dipping into refreshing stream pools brings an adventurous twist to typical hiking. Stream hiking on Hong Kong Island is not just a physical endeavor; it is an exploration that takes you beyond the hustle and bustle into the island’s ecological heart, enriching your understanding of the city’s rich biodiversity and unique geology.

Sai Kung

Sai Kung is renowned for its diverse landscape, where dense forests converge with sparkling streams to create a breathtaking haven for adventure seekers. Engage in an exciting stream hiking journey as you navigate through Sai Kung’s intricate trail networks, complete with fascinating waterfalls, crystal-clear pools, and an abundance of local wildlife.

*Disclaimer: Drone and Phone activities are undertaken after completing a risk assessment and where necessary under the supervision of professional guides. This video is not to be considered as a guide. All outdoor activities are carried out at your own risk and we take no responsibility nor assume liability for your safety. We recommend using a professional guide for all outdoor activities that involve risk, or are beyond your current level of expertise.

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