Hong Kong Trail Sections 3 & 4

The Hong Kong Trail is a 50 kilometer hiking trail that runs through the heart of Hong Kong’s country parks and forests, showcasing the natural beauty of the region. 

Section three takes you from Peel Rise to Wang Chai Gap. After an initial short road climb the path turns right along a forested contour walk. There are not many views but the path is shaded, relatively flat and has passes some small but impressive waterfalls.

Section four continues along the contour path before dropping to a catch water, followed by a short steady climb and then another contour walk. There are many turns on this section so keep your eyes peeled for the trail signposts. It finishes on Black’s Link  which takes you down to Wong Tai Chung Gap Road.


Get to the start: Begin with in Cnetral with bus route 70 from Exchange Square terminus to Aberdeen

In Aberdeen,  walk up Peel Rise till you meet the junction off the catch water where section 2 ends. You can reach Aberdeen via bus, taxi or the MTR to Wong Chuk Hang and walk from there.

Get home: From Wong Nai Chung Gap Road there are buses down to Aberdeen.  Or a walk down to Hong Kong Tennis Centre in Aberdeen where bus route 6 back to Central can be taken.