Hong Kong Trail

Sections 1 & 2

The first section of the trail, called “The Peak,” takes hikers around the the islands second highest point, Victoria Peak.The second section is slow contour walk along forested paths that traverse above Sandy Bay, Telegraph Bay and Pok Fu Lam Village. 

Distance: 11 km | Time: 3.5 hrs | Difficulty: 2

Sections 3 & 4

Section three takes you from Peel Rise to Wang Chai Gap. Section four continues along the contour path before dropping to a catch water, followed by a short steady climb and then another contour walk.

Distance: 13 km | Time: 2.5 hrs | Difficulty: 2

Sections 5 & 6

The fifth and sixth sections of the Hong Kong Trail are very different from those that precede it. 

Distance: 8.5 km | Time: 3.5 hrs | Difficulty: 3

Sections 7 & 8

Section seven is a long flat catch water that takes you above Tai Tam Bay as you slowly make your way over to To Tei Wan before starting arguably the best section to finish.Section eight takes you over the Dragon’s Back ridge before a final descent down to Big Wave Bay.

Distance: 16 km | Time: 5 hrs | Difficulty: 2

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