Kayaking in Hong Kong presents an extraordinary experience that combines the thrill of water sport with the serenity of nature. The city is surrounded by the South China Sea and boasts an extensive network of water bodies, including serene harbors, rugged islands, and secluded coves. These are perfect spots for paddlers of all skill levels, from novices to experienced kayakers. With stunning seascapes, incredible biodiversity, and historic landmarks that can be accessed from the water, kayaking here reveals a side of Hong Kong that most visitors, and even residents, rarely get to see.

In this series we choose five places where you can rent Kayaks for the day with suggested routes. We also added an extra episode on paddling around Lamma Island, though you will need to bring your own Kayak for that one.

Stanley Beach

Stanley Beach, with its golden sands and turquoise waters, serves as the perfect launch point for a kayaking expedition into the serene Tai Tam Bay in Hong Kong. This route, an oasis of calm away from the city’s hustle and bustle, brings paddlers face to face with breathtaking views of dramatic coastlines, rugged islands, and vibrant marine ecosystems.

Sharp Island

Beginning at Sai Kung Pier, renowned as the gateway to Hong Kong’s outlying islands, embarking on a kayaking expedition around Sharp Island is an adventure that promises unparalleled natural beauty and exhilaration. This journey lets paddlers navigate through crystal clear waters, skirt past dramatic rock formations, and discover secluded beaches tucked away on the island.

Cheung Chau

Cheung Chau, a charming island nestled in the southwestern part of Hong Kong, presents a delightful kayaking journey packed with cultural allure and scenic beauty. As paddlers weave their way around the island, they are treated to glimpses of sun-kissed beaches, craggy shorelines, hidden coves, and an array of marine life. The journey also offers a unique perspective of the island’s iconic landmarks, such as the Cheung Po Tsai Cave and the Mini Great Wall, that can be viewed from the sea.

Green Egg Island

Located just off the coast of Clearwater Bay, Green Egg Island’s unspoiled, rocky landscape and rich biodiversity provide a thrilling backdrop for a paddling journey. As you navigate the azure waters of the South China Sea, the island’s shape, reminiscent of a green egg, gradually takes form, and the quiet rhythm of the paddles sets the soundtrack for this exploration.

Basalt Island

Embarking on a kayaking journey from Pak Lap Wan in Sai Kung out to the neighboring islands of Basalt Island and Wang Chau is an aquatic adventure teeming with geological wonders and scenic beauty. The Geopark’s volcanic rock formations offer an awe-inspiring backdrop that showcases millions of years of geological history. As you paddle through the inviting turquoise waters, you’ll be mesmerized by the dramatic cliffs, striking sea arches, and impressive sea caves, all sculpted over the eons by the relentless hand of nature.

Around Lamma

Lamma Island, a tranquil haven away from Hong Kong’s bustling city life, presents an idyllic kayaking journey that blends rustic charm with scenic splendor. As paddlers navigate the calm, waters surrounding the island, they’ll witness a myriad of beautiful vistas, from Lamma’s quaint fishing villages and lush hills to its stunning beaches and diverse marine life. The kayak route around the island offers not just an opportunity to explore its untouched beauty and soak up the sun on secluded coves, but also provides a unique perspective to the popular tourist destination.

*Disclaimer: Drone and Phone activities are undertaken after completing a risk assessment and where necessary under the supervision of professional guides. This video is not to be considered as a guide. All outdoor activities are carried out at your own risk and we take no responsibility nor assume liability for your safety. We recommend using a professional guide for all outdoor activities that involve risk, or are beyond your current level of expertise.

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