Tai Mo Shan

We chose Tai Mo Shan as it’s the tallest point in Hong Kong and what child does not want to go to the tallest peak. You can also get a ride most of the way up which means the climbing part is only the last 250m and it’s along a road.

Distance: 10.6 km | Time: 4 hrs | Difficulty: 4

Aberdeen Country Park

Not too much wildlife on this hike but lots for the kids to do along the way. Starting at the park at Belcher Bay, there are lots of climbing frames and space to run around. Bring some wheels, too in the form of roller skates or a skateboard if you don’t mind carrying them there are plenty of good spots to skate.

Distance: 5.6 km | Time: 2.5 hrs | Difficulty: 3

Harbour Front Trail

A strenuous 11-kilometre hike with eight hills to climb and plenty to see. Pat Sin Leng gets its name from eight well known figures from Chinese Mythology. 

Distance: 7.5 km | Time: 2.5 hrs | Difficulty: 2

Devil’s Peak

This one is for the more adventurous as it involves a little scrambling at the start and has a steep climb. Start by winding through the ancient alleyways of Lei Yue Mun. It’s a bit of a maze, but don’t worry if you get lost you will always come out at the lighthouse. The experience will give you a very different view of the city and a reminder of how things used to be.

Distance: 6.5 km | Time: 3 hrs | Difficulty: 3

Cheung Chau

Getting on a ferry to an island is always a popular way to start the day with the kids, and for this walk, things get better. For this one, you can start building the pirate adventure early and have them thinking they are off to a distant island for a treasure hunt. Unlike many other versions of the game this one won’t disappoint.

11.5Distance: 4.5 km | Time: 5 hrs | Difficulty: 3

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