Lamma Island Bike Trails

With its ever-evolving homegrown bike trails, Lamma has long been a sort of ‘mecca’ for mountain bikers. While the individual trails themselves are relatively short, their interconnectedness presents riders with longer routes.

Most trails are accessible from two concrete paths; both are locally known as Cable Road. These artery-like corridors allow easy flow from one bike trail to the other for a mash-up of routes in any combination you want: from technical single-track and steep climbs to descents through buttery berms that scoop you along in downhill bliss.

This 10-kilometer ride will take in a wide gamut of trails, including Deliverance, Tom’s Back Passage, Snakes Tail, Happy Ending, Shake the Snake, and the mighty Project X with its brutal climb and legendary downhill.


Get to the start: To get to Lamma, head to either Central or Aberdeen ferry pier and take a boat to Yung Shue Wan.

Get home: From Cable Road, ferries from nearby Pak Kok Village (to Aberdeen) or Yung Shue Wan (to Central and Aberdeen) await.