Lantau Island Loop

Lantau, Hong Kong’s second largest island, is home to some of the city’s most dramatic landscapes and a healthy biking scene. While its heady mountain range curates spaces for some of the region’s most technical riding up along the Chi Ma Wan trail, the island comes into its own when you want a good road trip. 

Unlike Hong Kong Island, there is far less traffic to contend with in Lantau, where spacious coastal views lead to quieter remote areas along tree-lined catchwater roads.  

Starting with a ferry ride from Central to Mui Wo, our route forms a loop that begins and ends at Mui Wo and includes an interconnecting ferry. This 47-kilometer ride takes in plenty of climbs and descents, including a long climb out of Mui Wo. You’ll coast alongside the city’s longest beach before darting into sections of the Lantau Trail and be treated to views across the tranquil Shek Pik Reservoir. 

You’ll complete the ride after a final arduous road climb up and over to Chi Ma Wan ferry pier, where you’ll board a ferry back to Mui Wo.   


  1. Starting at Mui Wo ferry pier, head up South Lantau Road for a 7.5-kilometer journey to Cheung Sha, home of Hong Kong’s longest stretch of sand. The road begins steep, undulating through long climbs and descents as it continues. At the beach, there are shaded areas to stop and take in the windswept view.
  2. Heading inland, join Keng Shan Road and cross the immense Shek Pik Reservoir dam. From here, you’ll get grand views of Lantau Peak and the surrounding mountains.
  3. On the other side, take the second left onto Wang Pui Road to join Lantau Trail, where you leave behind any remnants of traffic. This smooth 6-kilometer catchwater road is a delight, and while the views are few and far between, the tranquility of this remote region is a pure tonic.
  4. Reaching the end, double back to the reservoir and cross over the dam.
  5. Take the first left onto Lantau Trail again, where a leisurely 9-kilometer pedal along another catchwater road awaits.
  6. At the roundabout, make a 360-degree turn, riding back down the catchwater road for about 1.3 kilometers.
  7. At the underpass, take the stairs up to Tung Chung Road and carry on towards Pui O. The road is steep, and you can build up a decent speed. At the roundabout, turn left onto South Lantau Road.
  8. Two kilometers on, turn right onto Chi Ma Wan Road, and Pui O Wan is just a short ride away. Beautiful scenery is to be had here, with cloud-capped mountains in the rear, a small water inlet to one side, and a beach up ahead. It’s a feast for photographers where water buffalo roam the area and egrets glide across the shallows.

  9. Leaving Pui O Wan, continue along Chi Ma Wan Road for 2.5 kilometers, following signs to the ferry pier. Midway, a very steep road climb brings you up to a crest, where one final descent delivers you to Chi Ma Wan pier and onto a ferry bound for Mui Wo or Cheung Chau. Be sure to check the times before you set out so as not to leave yourself stranded.