Lantau March

Hong Kong’s biggest island was featured in all of our research on the best hikes for the region. Put simply by one of the experts we asked, “you just can’t beat Sunset and Lantau Peaks.” 

There were many routes suggested so we put them all together and came up with what we think is the number one hike in Hong Kong. But at 24-kilomtres and two peaks over 850 meters to climb it’s quite a challenge.

​The walk can be split in two sections with Pak Kung Au being the obvious mid-way point. It’s not just about high mountains. It starts with a walk through the old settlement of Mui Wo, once the home to Emperor Duanzong of Song and finishes in the Buddhist sanctuary at Ngong Ping. 

​Be sure to pack for a full day and bring plenty of water as this hike will test even the fittest.


  1. Take a ferry to Mui Wo and set off along the promenade before cutting inland along the fishing harbour and onto Ma Po village. It’s worth a quick look at Yuen’s Mansion and the Luk Tei Tong watchtower along the way, before seeking out (turn right at the watchtower and head down the small village back street until you see the sign) and setting off along the Old Village Path to Nam Shan.
  2. ​Once you reach the picnic tables head off a path to your right sign posted to Sunset Peak. After you pass the Lantau Trail distance post 14 look for a path to your right that will take you off the main trail to the peak. From there continue till you drop back down to join the Lantau Trail and continue down to Pak Kung Au.


  3. Cross the Tung Chung Road and follow the signs up to Lantau Peak and then again from there back down to Ngong Ping. The path follows the Lantau trail up until you meet the Wisdom Path, after which follow the signs to Ngong Ping village.
  4. ​After passing through the village look for the Nei Lak Shan Country Trail underneath the cable car and follow it to the top of the first hill. It deviates away from the cable car at first but once you reach the platform at the midpoint, you leave the Nei Lak Shan Country Trail and join the Ngong Ping 360 Rescue Trail


  5. As you get closer to Tung Chung, the wooden boardwalk turns into a regular path as you leave the cable car and arrive at Tung Chung Bay.