Lantau Mountain Bike Park

Lantau’s bike park is a great way to explore the off-road side of cycling. Located atop a mountain overlooking the town of Mui Wo, it’s only a short ride from the local ferry pier. If you’re traveling by car, road access is also provided. The bike trails are blessed with fine coastal views.

As Hong Kong’s first dedicated bike park, it offers purpose-built features in a safe, centralized area catering to a variety of skill levels. Both beginners and seasoned veterans will find this family-friendly facility a haven in which to practice their skills or develop new ones. Onsite toilets, changing facilities, and water fountains are provided.

The trail network has grown and evolved since its inception, with more technical sections being carved for advanced riders. Trails flow out from the central practice area along rolling terrain and surfaces; most of them loop back up to the practice area. 

Ready to exit the trail? Riders who are up for a more advanced challenge can practice their downhill skills along a scoopy berm-laden route sprinkled with technical sections that will have you grinning from ear to ear as you exit at the lower park entrance. 

Whatever your skill level, a fun-packed day out awaits that should see cyclists leaving the park well and truly stoked!


  1. Exiting Mui Wo ferry pier, turn left and follow the road along the harbourfront.
  2. At the end, look for a large bike park sign at the entrance and head up along the coastal path.
  3. A one-way downhill exit, so don’t enter!
  4. The entrance leads you to the park via a specially built path, set along biker-friendly gradients for a relatively easy pedal up to the top.  
  5. Once you’re inside the park, follow the signs and have fun!
  6. Look out for: a beginners’ area with features designed to hone bike skills, pump tracks (one for adults and children), a jump park, and bike trails with varying difficulty levels.  
  7. If traveling to the park by car, take South Lantau Road up to the entrance.