Lantau’s Hidden Shores

There are four official long trails in Hong Kong, but at Drone and Phone we felt there was space for at least one more. We came up with this trail to take in many of the islands missed by the others and allow some extra time for enjoying them. Designed for a ten day trip, the Islands Trail takes you on a loop around the region.

You start day seven in Tuen Mun and jump the ferry to Tai O. From there you spend the rest of the morning exploring the fishing community before taking on a short coastal hike over to Fan Lau. It’s a well deserved gentle day with plenty of distractions away from the trail.

There are secluded beaches, an organic farm that still practices rice growing in a traditional way, ancient stone circles and a fort to discover in Fan Lau, possibly Hong Kong’s most secluded village.


Get to the start: There is an MTR close to the ferry pier in Tuen Mun.

Get home: Not really much choice other than to camp in Fan Lau as you would have to return the way you came or push on to the Keng Shan road to get out.