Ma On Shan

Two dazzling ridges with a steep drop down to an ancient trail in between. This tough 16-kilometre hike is a Hong Kong classic and a rite of passage for any serious local hiker.

On a clear day it provides amazing panoramas over Sai Kung and Plover cove on one side and Sha Tin on the other. There are many routes up Ma On Shan, some easier than others. With two climbs over 600 meters, we have chosen one of the more challenging paths. We start with a steep up from City One MTR station to the peak of Buffalo Hill.

From there its an even steeper decent to the village of Mui Tsz Lam. From the village things get a little easier with a gentle ancient trail, past old village houses over to Ngong Ping. We follow the ridge up an over Pyramid Hill and onto the summit of Ma On Shan, then finish the hike over the Hunch Backs and down to Wu Kai Sha MTR.


  1. Start number five with a minibus ride or a taxi from City One MTR to the Kwong Yuen Estate, where you walk through a housing block to get to the start of the trail.
  2. The path takes you to Heather Pass where you take a sharp left up West Buffalo Hill before reaching the highest point at 606 meters on the peak of Buffalo Hill East.
  3. Follow the ridge all the way down to the village on Mui Tsz Lam where you look for the path at the back of the village to Sai Kung. This gentle forested ancient path takes you slowly up to a junction with the MacLehose Trail Section 4. Head left onto the beautiful plateau at Ngong Ping where you may find para gliders and grazing cattle.
  4. Leave the MacLehose Trail at this point and head up Pyramid Hill – it’s name is a good description of what to look for. From the top follow the ridge all the way up to the peak of Ma on Shan which again, on a clear day, should be easy to find.
  5. Continue along the ridge over the Hunch Backs, following the path down towards Ma On Shan town. As you get close to the road there are three junctions in quick succession. Turn left on all three and you should hit the main road. Cross it and continue down to the town.