Maclehose Trail

Sections 1 & 2

The first section is a nice way to ease into it with a relatively flat hike around High Island. Section two is spectacular, possibly the best of all sections on this trial. 

Distance: 7.5 km | Time: 26 hrs | Difficulty: 3

Sections 3 & 4

If the first two sections gave you a gentle introduction to the regions longest official trail, the next two sections are going to test your stamina.

Distance: 27.4 km | Time: 8 hrs | Difficulty: 5

Sections 5 & 6

These two sections are your reward for the long march of the previous two. 

Distance: 14 km | Time: 4.5 hrs | Difficulty: 2

Sections 7 & 8

With the easy part done and the half way line crossed it’s time to roll up the sleeves and start the hard work again. 

Distance: 17 km | Time: 6 hrs | Difficulty: 4

Sections 9 & 10

The last two sections are long but with some nice features. The trail is along a forest road making the going fast and easy. 

Distance: 24 km | Time: 7 hrs | Difficulty: 3

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