MacLehose Trail Sections 1 & 2

Named after Murray MacLehose, the former Governor of Hong Kong, the MacLehose Trail is a popular destination for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts, and offers a chance to experience the natural beauty and cultural diversity of Hong Kong.

Setting off on the 100km MacLehose trail can be daunting, but the first section is a nice way to ease into it with a relatively flat hike around High Island, Hong Kong’s largest reservoir. The downside is you are on a road all the way for those who prefer hiking on trails.

Section two is spectacular, possibly the best of all sections on this trial. Moving off the road you follow a coastal path up and down to three great beaches before veering off on another picturesque stretch passing the village of Chen Kong and onto Pak Tam Au to finish.


Get to the start: From Sai Kung you can take bus 94 or a taxi to Pak Tam Chung. On the weekend there are buses directly there from the city.

Get home: This hike finishes at Pak Tam Au where you can take bus 94 or 96R back to Sai Kung.