Ninepin Islands

Situated off the southeastern coast of Hong Kong, the Ninepin Group, or Kwo Chau Islands, is an archipelago that brims with nature’s awe-inspiring artistry. Composed of 29 islands, islets, and rocky outcrops, it is named after the most prominent cluster of islands, which seemingly resemble nine pins in a bowling alley when viewed from afar.

This collection of islands is renowned for its exceptional geological features – soaring columnar jointed volcanic rocks, rugged cliffs, and dramatic sea caves and arches that encapsulate a rich and varied geomorphological landscape. This remote and relatively untouched region of Hong Kong offers a fascinating counterpoint to the bustling urban areas, providing a spectacle of natural beauty, a haven for wildlife, and a tranquil escape for those seeking solitude amid the sea and the secrets of ancient geology.

You are on a boat for this one so no real hiking.


Get to the start: There are no public ferries to the ninepin islands however if you search online you will find tours organized by different companies you can sign up for.