Pat Sin Leng

A strenuous 11-kilometre hike with eight hills to climb and plenty to see. Pat Sin Leng gets its name from eight well known figures from Chinese Mythology. The term literally means “Ridge of the Eight Immortals” whose names make up the eight hills.
This is as close as we get to the Chinese Mainland on these walks. If you are looking for an escape from the city this is the hike for you. From gushing waterfalls to ancient villages and forest paths to a highland ridge, this walk has it all.

Be aware that this is a full day adventure that requires a fair bit of stamina to complete. It is a fair step up from the first two hikes in terms of distance and difficulty. The first real test for people going through the list and a good stepping stone to longer treks coming later in the list.

A firm favourite of Drone and Phone that we think maybe under rated at number eight on our list.


  1. For this episode, go to Tai Po Market MTR Station and take minibus route 20R and get off at Wu Kua Tang Village where we start off along the river to Bride’s Pool. There are two waterfalls to look out for in this first section, neither easy to find.
  2. Cross the Bride’s Pool road and follow the signs on the other side up the Pat Sin Leng Nature trail. The beautiful ancient path slowly climbs until you reach a junction in the trail. Turn left up a much sharper incline to the top of Sin Kwu Fung. The first of the eight immortals.
  3. From here follow the ridge up and down the eight peaks to Shun Yeung Fung, the highest point of the first ridge. From there continue straight following the ridge line, heading always to the tallest peak in front of you. On a clear day this second section will offer stunning cityscapes of Shenzhen in the distance.
  4. Finally you will reach Ping Fung Shan from where you start a decent down to the Hok Tau Reservoir. We recommend a loop around it before winding your way down to the picturesque village of Sha Lo Tung Cheung UK.
  5. ​To end, go to Wu Kua Tang Village and take minibus route 20R back to Tai Po Market MTR Station