Po Toi in the clouds

There are four official long trails in Hong Kong, but at Drone and Phone we felt there was space for at least one more. We came up with this trail to take in many of the islands missed by the others and allow some extra time for enjoying them. Designed for a ten day trip, the Islands Trail takes you on a loop around the region.

Take a little time to enjoy the peace of the isolated beach of Tung O before making your way along the concrete trail to Mo Tat Wan and a ferry to Aberdeen. To complete Day 2 and finish in Stanley you will need to make the journey on a public holiday of weekend as during the weekdays the ferry does not stop at Stanley. Getting the timings right is also important so be sure to check ferry times before you go.

From Aberdeen take the ferry to Po Toi where a short hike around the island and then up to the tallest point before coming back down to catch the ferry to Stanley.


Get to the start: Start from the the beach in Tung O if you camped there or from Aberdeen if not.

Get home: The day finishes in Stanley with plenty of hotel and guest house options. Alternatively, you can take buses route 6/6X out to Central, Aberdeen, or Chai Wan.