Robin’s Nest

Robin’s Nest, or Hung Fa Leng in Chinese, is a 13-km hike that offers magnificent city views, a  peak into an old mine, lots of old and current forts, and a peek at a cave along the Hong Kong-Shenzhen border. The trail runs along an area in the northeast corner of Hong Kong in the New Territories, which used to be a forbidden zone and is now partially open to hikers.

Its two long climbs are tough but full of interesting spots. Offering a challenging and rewarding journey that entwines verdant woods, serene creeks, and awe-inspiring vistas, it presents a stark contrast to bustling urban life.

Soaring to an impressive 495 meters, the peak of Robin’s Nest is not only a natural paradise, but it also boasts a panoramic view of Shenzhen across the border in the Chinese Mainland. The trek to the top serves as a stunning reminder of the intricate balance between man-made marvels and mother nature.


Get to the start: Take the Shau Tau Kok minibus from Sheung Shui or Tai Po and get off at Tim Tao Ha village.

  1. Follow the road up towards the mountain till it’s end then look for the path that continues up the steep climb to Ma Tseuk Long.
  2. Continue up the second peak and then drop down on the back side following ribbons down and then along till you reach the old mine.
  3. This part is tricky so suggest you use our google map to continue onto the cave, before moving onto Macintosh Fort.

Get home: Head up the path to Robin’s Nest and then down to the track which will take you back to the main road.