Sea to Peak

There are four official long trails in Hong Kong, but at Drone and Phone we felt there was space for at least one more. We came up with this trail to take in many of the islands missed by the others and allow some extra time for enjoying them. Designed for a ten day trip, the Islands Trail takes you on a loop around the region.

The hardest of the ten days hits on day eight as you wind around the coast from Fan Lau and then start a long traverse of Lantau Island. The route starts with a detour to the magical Kai Ling campsite and then a look at the South Lantau Obelisk. You then hike up the Keung Shan Country Trail to a stunning viewpoint and continue up to Ling Wui Shan.

From there you follow the ridge down to the Keng Shan Road and then hike up the road for a well deserved break in Ngong Ping. Here there is a campsite and hostel you can stay, or choose to make it up Lantau Peak for sunset and sunrise the next morning. This alternative route to the Lantau Trail gives you what we believe are some of the islands best views.


Get to the start: Fan Lau is too remote to get there other than a long walk in from Tai O.

Get home: There are buses from Ngong Ping to Tung Chung and Mui Wo, or take the cable car for a fast route back to Tung Chung.