Sharp Island

In the second episode of our Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark series, we get on a short ferry ride from Sai Kung to Sharp Island. Nestled within the verdant landscapes and tranquil seascape of Sai Kung, Sharp Island (Kiu Tsui Chau is a unique and stunning part of the Hong Kong Global Geopark.

One of the largest islands within the Geopark, Sharp Island features a rich variety of volcanic and sedimentary rock formations. Its distinctive pine-like patterned rocks, known as pineapple bun rocks, are unique attractions that draw geology enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

We visit two prominent land features of the island, Hap Mun Bay and Kiu Tau. Hap Mun Bay, famous for its beautiful crescent-shaped beach with crystal clear waters, is a popular spot for swimming and sunbathing. Kiu Tau, a tombolo connecting Sharp Island with a smaller islet, reveals a natural walkway during low tide and provides visitors with a surreal walking experience across the sea.


Get to the start: From Pak Lap Wan, to get there take a bus to Sai Kung pier and then take a green taxi. On weekends, you can take the 9A minibus from Sai Kung Man Yue Road.