Tai Lam Chung

This 18-kilometer route perfectly blends road and off-road cross-country riding.  The route begins with a long dam crossing before a 6.3-kilometer road ride begins along some lovely smooth asphalt. Climbing and descending as we go, some great views await across the park’s jewel of a reservoir.

The off-road section is 8.8 kilometers of pure cross-country trail with few views along the way. Mostly flat with a few technical sections along the way, there are long stretches of trail where you can pick a nice pace. There is one section where you’ll need to get off and carry your bike down steep steps. It’s not the best of arrangements, but it has been improved recently. At the bottom are water pools and waterfalls heading down to the reservoir. We get one steep climb right at the very end of the trail, which satisfyingly leads back up to the road.


Get to the start:

Either ride from Tsuen Wan MTR station or take a van to Tai Lam Chung Road and head straight up to the park entrance. Entering the park, we pass the prison, make our way up to the park’s enormous reservoir, and cross it to reach the start of the road ride.

Get home:

Exit the park the same way you came in, followed by a road ride back to Tsuen Wan MTR, or arrange for a van to pick you up.