Tai Tam Heritage Trail

Feast your eyes on the breathtaking juxtaposition of engineering and architectural marvels with the lush greenery and natural wonders deep in the Tai Tam Country Park in this easygoing heritage trail which is mostly a downhill walk from the start point near Park View.

This scenic journey, replete with signposts and well-maintained paths, takes you to various spots offering views of the visually stunning Tai Tam group of reservoirs. When you’re standing on or next to any of these imposing infrastructure, you will be awed at their enormity; from a distance, you can’t help but admire their magnificence set against the verdant hills of the park tucked away in the eastern corner of Hong Kong Island. History buffs will be happy to see that all the historic waterworks structures, many of them now declared as monuments, are properly marked.

Take a moment to gape at the Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir and feel dwarfed by its immensity. The best view is arguably that of the Tai Tam Tuk Masonry Bridge, one that could easily be picked for a James Bond film set location — frame that cliffhanger of the protagonist dangling from a chopper hovering by the old bridge that boasts three granite arch structures. Cut!


Get to the start:

  1. Start at the end of Tai Tam Reservoir Road outside the Park View housing estate. There are buses to as far as Wong Nai Chung Gap, or take a taxi right to the end of the road.
  2. Pass through the gate and continue along Tai Tam Reservoir Road until you see a right turn to the Tai Tam Family Walk (not the first turn which is the Forest Track).
  3. The Family Walk takes you in a horseshoe up to a viewing point and then back to the road, where you turn right.
  4. After 200 m, look for a left turn that continues the Family Walk, again taking you in a loop that finishes back on the main road.
  5. Take a left here to join the Waterworks Heritage Trail.
  6. From this point, you will follow the Tai Tam Reservoir Road almost to the end of the walk, but there are a number of diversions and points of interest along the Waterworks Heritage route.
  7. Cross the Tai Tam Road at the dam and continue along the Reservoir Road down to the base of the dam where again you divert off to look at a pumping station.
  8. Finish the walk along Tai Tam Harbour to the bottom of the dam before climbing back up to Tai Tam Road where you will find buses to your right going to Chai Wan and to your left to Stanley.