Tai Tan Country Park

Don’t let the rocky path on this trail overshadow the thrill of passing by two secluded beaches where you get the chance to take a dip in the middle of a hike. What’s good with this trail is that it actually cuts through the beaches; no need to leave the trail if you fancy a quick swim to beat the heat on a summer day. A good part of the trail also contours the shoreline, giving you countless glimpses at the beckoning waters of Sai Kung.

The view of majestic Sharp Peak lording it over other hills on the horizon and the blue waters of Sai Kung often appears along the trail.

This should probably be renamed Boulders Trail. You won’t be walking on boulders the entire way from Hoi Ha to Tai Tan, but you will most likely remember the inclines strewn with boulders even weeks after taking on this scenic hike in Sai Kung West Country Park. For some, hopping from one angular boulder to another going up or down an incline makes for a fun walk, but others might find it bothersome to skirt massive rocks for minutes on end to find gaps to plant their feet safely.


Get to the start:

  1. Before you start this hike, consider which direction you want to do it. Both have their advantages, but we advise taking the route below in winter and the opposite direction in summer.
  2. There are direct buses to Hoi Ha from Sai Kung. From the drop off at the end of the bus route, walk through the village, past the Marine Park Warden Post and down to the path that runs along the beach.
  3. Follow the path down to the marine park jetty. If the water is warm enough and you have a mask and snorkel, this is a great place to swim.
  4. Continue along the path, past the WWF Marine Life Centre and continue along the path that follows the coast.
  5. At the Wan Tsai Peninsula crossroads, turn left down some steps and then right following the coast.
  6. Continuing along this path will take you all the way to Tai Tan where you join a road which you follow all the way to Tai Tam Road. There are buses here to exit if you have had enough, otherwise turn left along the road towards the Wong Shek Pier.
  7. After around 500 m, look for the Wong Shek Tree walk on the right, which takes you up to a viewpoint overlooking the Wong Shek Pier before descending to the picnic area by the coastline.
  8. From here, there are buses every 30 minutes that take you directly to Sai Kung.