The Hunchbacks

For most people the hills of Hong Kong make any hike a challenge. But for those who want to go extreme, we asked our subscribers to tell us what they thought was Hong Kong’s toughest day hike. Then of course we had to do them.

Starting at the Ma On Shan Country Park BBQ Site this walk takes you straight up three peaks, the first being the Hunchbacks and the last being Ma On Shan. It’s a steep climb where a rope is welcome as you quickly climb 500 meters. From Ma on Shan it is a gentle but beautiful ridge walk as you come down past Pyramid Hill to Ngong Ping and then slowly down to Sai Kung.


Get to the start: It is possible to walk up from the Ma On Shan MTR, or take a taxi up to the start point.

Get Home: From Sai Kung, take minibus route 101M to Hang Hau or Choi Hung where there is MTR stations or a regular bus to Diamond Hill.