The Long Trails

Hong Kong Trail

At just under 50km this is the shortest and easiest of the city’s long trails. A good one to start with. It starts close to the highest point on Hong Kong Island and works its way down to the sea. It’s not all downhill, but the climbs are much shorter than those of the other long trails.

Lantau Trail

The only long trail that finishes in the same place it started, this 70 km loop of Hong Kong’s biggest island includes two of the city’s tallest peaks.

Wilson Trail

From south to north with 78 km trail takes you through some of the city’s best country parks as it winds its way from Stanley to Sha Tao Kok.

Maclehose Trail

At 100 km the MacLehose is the longest of the official four long trails. Going east to west the trail includes a good chunk of the magnificent Sai Kung Country Park as well the tallest peak Tai Mo Shan.

The Islands Trail

There are four official long trails in Hong Kong, but at Drone and Phone we felt there was space for at least one more. We came up with this trail to take in many of the islands missed by the others and allow some extra time for enjoying them. Designed for a ten day trip, the Islands Trail takes you on a loop around the region.

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