The Ridge

That gorgeous sunset photo you’ve been dreaming of for your Instagram account waits for you at Red Incense Burner Summit. If you’re licensed to fly a drone, get it ready for this hike. If not, grab a special someone to share a selfie atop those boulders on the summit, where you lose yourself in the golden-hour glow of the sunset.

Cheat sheet: You can get to the summit in about 15 minutes from the nearest bus stop to where you walk directly to Braemer Hill. But where’s the fun in that? Earn it properly by starting this fun and challenging walk from where you get a good glance at Park View at Tai Tam Reservoir Road and go up to Jardine’s Lookout. Okay, it’s a steep climb at the start, but it’s paved. Jardine’s Lookout rewards you with a spectacular view of the city — a 180-degree panorama with the skylines of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon with Victoria Harbour in between.

Past the second shorter steep climb by the quarry is a walk you will remember. On a stunning ridge you look around you and the sweeping view might just make you want to hold on to something more stable than a walking stick.


Get to the start:

  1. Start at the entrance to the Hong Kong Trail and the Wilson Trail on the left before you get to Park View. Buses will take you to the Wong Nai Chung Gap from where you can walk up Tai Tam Reservoir Road.
  2. Follow the signs up to Jardine’s Lookout, after which you continue down to the quarry.
    Continue up past the quarry towards Mount Butler, looking for a left turn signposted to the Wilson Trail.
  3. Continue up to the summit of Siu Ma Shan. From the top, you have two choices — either to continue along the Wilson Trail down to Quarry Bay or turn left along a ribboned path.
  4. The path will take you through the bush past the back of the firing range and onto Sir Cecil’s Ride.
  5. Continue along Sir Cecil’s Ride for 100 m and then look for a path to your left that acts as a shortcut before joining Sir Cecil’s Ride again all the way to Hung Heung Lo Fung (Red Incense Burner Hill). Enjoy the view (we suggest a sunset) and then go back down the hill the way you came until you reach the main path where you turn left down to St. Joan of Arc School.
  6. Continue out along the road until you reach the bus terminal that has regular buses to Tin Hau and Causeway Bay.