The Spine of Lamma

It’s a good idea to sandwich this hike between meals at the start point in Sok Kwu Wan and where you end by the Yung Shue Wan pier. Both are popular destinations for diners who want to sample what Lamma Island’s authentic seafood restaurants and quirky cafes have to offer.

Dining aside, the Spine of Lamma Island is a treat to hikers who love trails that weave together culture, history, nature, and a dose of tranquility. As you go uphill along the Family Trail, you will soon soak up stunning views across Hong Kong Island in the distance. Don’t miss the Kamikaze Tunnel built during World War II by the Japanese army to house their flotilla of motorboats to launch suicide attacks against enemy warships.

You can leave the path for a dip at demure Lo So Shing Beach. Or a not-so-quick tryst there with someone special on a lucky day when everyone seems headed for the other beauty named Hung Shing Ye Beach.

Prepare to be awed even more as you veer off the Family Trail and into what’s locally known as Snake’s Path which opens up sceneries to both sides of the outlying island.


Get to the start:

  1. Take the ferry to Sok Kwu Wan from either Central Piers or Aberdeen. If you take the Aberdeen ferry, alight at the second stop. From the pier, walk through the high street where you will find plenty of seafood restaurants.
  2. Once past the Tin Hau Temple, follow the main trail around the bay. Don’t miss the one right turn that takes you over the river.
  3. At the fork in the path, turn left towards Lo So Shing Village. To visit the beach, turn left again before you get to the village past the public toilets.
  4. Return the way you came from the beach this time turning left after the toilets, through Lo So Shing Village and then left again up the hill.
  5. Follow this path up until a junction with a signpost to the Lamma Youth Camp. Turn left here up some steps until you reach the camp.
  6. At the camp, look for a small hidden path on your left that will take you off the concrete and onto a trail over the spine of the island.
  7. Pass the turnoff to Lo Tik Wan Village on your right and continue up the hill looking for a small path to the left at the top of the hill that will take you to the Yung Shue Wan Lookout.
  8. Return to the path and continue till it spills out at Lamma Winds.
  9. Cross the road and look for a path up the hill in front of you which you climb looking for a path to the right that takes you on a contour sweep around the headland and down to the cable road.
  10. Turn right and then left off the cable road into the village of Tai Peng. Look for the path down the hill towards Yung Shue Wan where you will find ferries back to Central Piers and Aberdeen.