The Yellow Dragons

Starting in Tung Chung walk up to Wang Lung Hang picnic site and then join the river for a canyon rock jump. There is no path from here, so work your way up the river jumping from rock to rock. Pass the first waterfall with a rope and ladder to the left and keep going to the end where you are met with three waterfalls. This is where the hike gets dangerous so go with a guide if you are not an experienced climber. The waterfall on the left has a scramble up the side following the ribbons to the top of the waterfall where there is an infinity pool.

From there go back the way you came for a short traverse and then continue up past the “three challenges” and on up to the summit of Lin Fa Shan. At 766 meters it is quite a climb and extremely steep in places. Continue along the ridge to Yi Tung Shan and then slowly make your way down to Nam Shan.


Get to the start: Start at the Tung Chung MTR and head out along the road.

Get home: From Nam Shan you can take a bus down the hill to Mui Wo where you will find a ferry back to Central or in the opposite direction back to Tung Chung MTR.