Through the mist

There are four official long trails in Hong Kong, but at Drone and Phone we felt there was space for at least one more. We came up with this trail to take in many of the islands missed by the others and allow some extra time for enjoying them. Designed for a ten day trip, the Islands Trail takes you on a loop around the region.

Watching the mist roll over Sunset Peak from the top of Lantau at dawn is a “must do experience” for any Hong Kong hiking devotee. But you have to have a bit of luck for the magic to happen. This is a full day, starting at dawn and hiking slowly down to Pak Kung Au.

From there take the South Lantau Country Trail that follows a contour around Sunset Peak to Nam Shan, where you do the final descent into Mui Wo down the ancient trail. If you set off early you should arrive for lunch. From there we hop a ferry for a half day on Peng Chau with a circular walk that takes in some local culture and art. There are hotels and hostels on the island


Get to the start: If you start in Ngong Ping there are buses to Ngong Ping from Tung Chung and Mui Wo, or take the cable car for a fast route up from Tung Chung.

Get home: There is a good ferry service from Peng Chau into Central.