Tung O Ancient Trail

Starting in the water village of Tai O, the 15 km walk takes you through old fishing villages as it winds it’s way past the airport, the Hong Kong to Macau and Zhuhai Bridge and the ancient Tung Chung Fort.
Start with a headland climb out of Tai O and then song a gentle coastal walk up on the cliffs above the South China Sea. If you are lucky you will spot white dolphins swimming below. As the trail nears Tung Chung so the villages increase as does the presence of the bridge and airport. Finish the hike at the 12th Century Tung Chung Fort and imagine fighting off pirates and smugglers.


Get to the start: There are buses and taxis to Tai O from Tung Chung and Mui Wo, but if you time it right the ferry from Tung Chung or Tuen Mun is the best way to get there.

Get home: From the fort you can pick up a bus on the main road back to the MTR station.