Up and Down the Peak

When people mention traveling up to the Peak, open-top buses and the Peak Tram spring to mind. Seldom do bikes enter the conversation, yet it’s a legitimate way to see one of the world’s most photographed harbor views. 

A 32-kilometer long classic road ride that flows from Victoria Harbor, right up to the top of the city’s most famous peak, before freewheeling back down the other side to Aberdeen Harbor. You’ll navigate some city traffic before climbing over mildly steep to strenuous gradients. Views of Victoria Harbor will gradually unfold in a sort of visual crescendo as the city flashes through gaps in tree-lined roads. 

After reaching the Peak’s shopping mall for a pitstop, Lugard Road awaits and its circular route offers a clear view out across Victoria Harbor that never gets old.

Carrying on, one last push-up will take you under a tram line and on through some exclusive neighborhoods before reaching Victoria Peak Gardens for some lazy lawn time. From there, it’s all downhill in a long flowing descent down to Aberdeen.


  1. From the Central ferry pier area, follow signs to Connaught Road.
  2. After getting onto Queensway Road, turn right onto Queen’s Road East.
  3. Join Stubbs Road to begin the long climb up.
  4. At the roundabout, take the last exit to continue up Stubbs Road.
  5. Turn left onto Coombe Road and left onto Peak Road at the end.
  6. Turn onto Barker Road and on up past the tram station. Built in 1888, the station retains a charm of the period that is not found at the main stations along the funicular railway.
  7. Take a sharp left onto Plantation Road, continue and join Plunkett’s Road.
  8. Join Peak Road, then turn right into the Peak shopping mall.
  9. Follow signs to Lugard Road and Victoria Peak Lookout.
  10. Continue along Harlech Road (look out for Lugard Falls on the left side).
  11. Turn right onto Mount Austin Road until you reach Victoria Peak Gardens.
  12. You end the journey by retracing the route back to Peak Road, following it until Stubbs road. Then at Wong Nai Chung Gap Road, turn right and head on into Aberdeen.