There are many ways to travel in Asia but not all have the advantage of being able to stop wherever you feel to explore. Drone and Phone reporter George took off across Vietnam on a bike for his first trip there.

Riding Hanoi

In the first episode of a new Vietnam series, George takes on a challenging biking trip from Hanoi to Phu Ly.

Night Ride Challenge

In the second episode of the Vietnam series, George challenges himself with an exciting night ride.

Riding in the rain

George is still cycling through Vietnam, and in this third episode, he faces his biggest challenge – the rain.

Ps. Should have carried a raincoat.

Huế Imperial City

After six days of intensive cycling, George finally gets off the bike and walks around the Imperial City of Huế. His bike needed a rest anyway.

Hải Vân Pass

As George wraps up his long journey in Vietnam, he challenges himself to climb the most dangerous mountain in Vietnam — Hải Vân Pass. He also thinks he speaks fluent Vietnamese.

*Disclaimer: Drone and Phone activities are undertaken after completing a risk assessment and where necessary under the supervision of professional guides. This video is not to be considered as a guide. All outdoor activities are carried out at your own risk and we take no responsibility nor assume liability for your safety. We recommend using a professional guide for all outdoor activities that involve risk, or are beyond your current level of expertise.

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