Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark

Sai Kung

In the first episode of our Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark series we take on a short but demanding 7 km route from Pak Lap Wan to the Highland Island Reservoir East Dam. Here we encounter some of the best-known Geopark features along a coastal route that includes the classic Po Pin Chau. This one is not to be missed.

Distance: 9 km | Time: 5 hrs | Difficulty: 3

Sharp Island

In the second episode of our Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark series, we get on a short ferry ride from Sai Kung to Sharp Island. Nestled within the verdant landscapes and tranquil seascape of Sai Kung, Sharp Island (Kiu Tsui Chau is a unique and stunning part of the Hong Kong Global Geopark.

Distance: 3.5 km | Time: 2 hrs | Difficulty: 2
Double Haven

In the third episode of our Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark series, Jack and DJ embark on a one-day adventure to explore Double Haven Bay – a stunning natural harbor consisting of seven islands.

Distance: 30 km | Time: 8 hrs | Difficulty: 3

Tung Ping Chau

Tung Ping Chau is a captivating island located at the northeastern extremity of Hong Kong’s territory. Renowned for its unique geological features and rich biodiversity, the island showcases a vibrant array of sedimentary rock formations, marine fossils, and wave-cut platforms, making it a paradise for both geologists and Drone and Phone fans.

Distance: 9 km | Time: 3 hrs | Difficulty: 3
Ninepin Islands

Situated off the southeastern coast of Hong Kong, the Ninepin Group, or Kwo Chau Islands, is an archipelago that brims with nature’s awe-inspiring artistry. Composed of 29 islands, islets, and rocky outcrops, it is named after the most prominent cluster of islands, which seemingly resemble nine pins in a bowling alley when viewed from afar. This collection of islands is renowned for its exceptional geological features – soaring columnar jointed volcanic rocks, rugged cliffs, and dramatic sea caves and arches that encapsulate a rich and varied geomorphological landscape.

Distance: 12 km | Time: 4 hrs | Difficulty: 3

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