Dragon’s Back

You’ve got to walk the Dragon’s Back if you fancy impressing friends who might ask you about the city’s hiking trails. Like a badge you can wear on a shirt if you had time only for a single hike in Hong Kong.

Distance: 6.5 km | Time: 3 hrs | Difficulty: 3
Spine of Lamma

It’s a good idea to sandwich this hike between meals at the start point in Sok Kwu Wan and where you end by the Yung Shue Wan pier. Both are popular destinations for diners who want to sample what Lamma Island’s authentic seafood restaurants and quirky cafes have to offer.

Distance: 9 km | Time: 4 hrs | Difficulty: 4
Aberdeen Country Park

Think of a long walk in a massive open-air spa. If you entertain thoughts of walking as some form of meditation, say your ohms on this trail of mostly shaded paths across forests that offer charming surprises here and there.

Distance: 13.5 km | Time: 4 hrs | Difficulty: 4
Down From the Peak

Imagine Victorian ladies —petticoats and parasols — taking a morning walk on well-manicured lawns or some other garden landscapes that inspired painters back in the day. This is the walk that takes you to spots worthy of a painter’s palette.

Distance: 9 km | Time: 3 hrs | Difficulty: 2
Wisdom Path

It’s a moderately easy trail with tourist attractions at the start point — Po Lin Monastery and the Tian Tan Giant Buddha at Ngong Ping Village — and a scenic view at the end point.

Distance: 9 km | Time: 3 hrs | Difficulty 2
The Ridge
This one is tough both in terms of elevation and the terrain you need to negotiate.
Distance: 5.5 km | Time: 3 hrs | Difficulty: 4
Clear Water Bay

Expect a strong urge to make longer stops along this picturesque hiking route to breathe in the coastal views, to feel the breeze against your skin, and to savor every moment because you don’t know how soon you will be willing again to take on this moderately challenging trail.

Distance: 7.5 km | Time: 3.5 hrs | Difficulty: 5
Tai Long Wan

There’s something about entering a beach from a hilltop where you get a bird’s eye view of the blue water turning into emerald as it laps on the white shore. From the walkway leading down to sultry Ham Tin Beach, you might be torn between heading down to cool off by taking a dip in the waters or staying longer up on the hill to admire this beauty from a distance.

Distance: 13 km | Time: 4.5 hrs | Difficulty: 5

Tai Tan Country Trail

This should probably be renamed Boulders Trail. You won’t be walking on boulders the entire way from Hoi Ha to Tai Tan, but you will most likely remember the inclines strewn with boulders even weeks after taking on this scenic hike in Sai Kung West Country Park.

Distance: 8 km | Time: 3 hrs | Difficulty: 3
Tai Tam Heritage Trail

Feast your eyes on the breathtaking juxtaposition of engineering and architectural marvels with the lush greenery and natural wonders deep in the Tai Tam Country Park in this easygoing heritage trail which is mostly a downhill walk from the start point near Park View.

Distance: 8 km | Time: 2.5 hrs | Difficulty: 1

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