Wisdom Path

It’s a moderately easy trail with tourist attractions at the start point — Po Lin Monastery and the Tian Tan Giant Buddha at Ngong Ping Village — and a scenic view at the end point. If that’s what you want for a weekend break from the hustle and bustle of city life, the Shek Pik Country Trail is a walk that’s likely to help you calm your nerves even as you stretch those calves and hamstrings.

From the Wisdom Path at Ngong Ping, you will negotiate steep stairs, just the right amount to get the heart pumping stronger. The trail is mostly flat but you do need a pair of shoes with good grip, as some parts can be quite rugged.

It’s not too strenuous at all even for the absolute hiking novice. But there’s a trade-off. Between the start and end points, expect no breathtaking scenery to punctuate the walk save for the lookout point that offers a view of the entire Shek Pik Reservoir. You get a glimpse of the catchment in the distance from time to time, but for the most part it’s you and the shaded path. Think unpaved trail, withered leaves, rocks, roots, streams, and the sound of solitude.


Get to the start:

  1. Start at the Tung Chung MTR and follow the signs to the Ngong Ping 360 cable car.
  2. Once you get out at the top, slowly work your way through the main street of the town and through the other side where you will find the Po Lin Monastery.
  3. From the monastery, cross the square to walk up to the Big Buddha and then come back down the steps.
  4. Turn right at the bottom of the Big Buddha steps and look for the signs to the Wisdom Path or the Lantau Trail (though you will be walking it in the opposite direction). When you reach the Wisdom Path, go explore and return to the open area at the foot.
  5. Search for the signpost to the Shek Pik Country Trail and walk down slowly through the forest.
  6. Once you reach the catch water at the bottom, cross over the small bridge and walk along the road to South Lantau Road.
  7. Turn right along South Lantau Road along the side of the reservoir until you come to a bus stop where you can find buses to Tung Chung and Mui Wo.